10 Imaginative Ideas: Bringing Your Travel Memories To Life

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” ~Ibn Battuta

Many times, while we are planning our adventures, we are full of the travel bug energy. We research, dream, google everything, make reservations, etc. All our time and thought processes are focused on the goal: travel.

So, what happens when we come back home to reality? Maybe you are filled with nostalgia or even a melancholy twinge. Bring out the Kleenex. Instead of just having a memory that may fade over time, make memories more 3-D. Bring them all to life!


Here are 10 ways to jump start your creativity and keep your memories alive!

1. Scrapbook

Buy a scrapbook. Spend a little more than you think you will. Quality matters. You want it to last to show your great grandkids! Buy photos corners, glue sticks, gel pens, graphic tape, etc. Go crazy! Write your story through your experiences.

Inspiration to put in the scrapbook:

  • Receipts

  • Reservations

  • Pictures

  • Pressed flowers

  • Tickets

  • Maps

  • Restaurant menus


2. Come Up with a Theme

A few years ago, when we were traveling to Europe, we opened our journals and began brainstorming.

What can we add for this one trip? We came up with cup rings on the paper. Whatever we were drinking, we dipped our fingers in our cup, ran our fingers along the bottom of the cup/mug/wineglass and made a “stamp” on to the paper. Then wrote what we were drinking, where, and the date.

It's fun to look through the journals and bring back those memories! The next trip, we took pictures of our feet which symbolized where we have been and where we are going. One of our trips, we took pictures of doors. Colorful, elegant, elaborate designs, etc.


3. Eavesdrop: Listen For “Overheard Conversations”

What is something that is quirky, off the wall.. Make a memory of it.

Be ready with your journals when you hear something. Stop what you are doing and write it down. If not, you will forget later.

Then when you are home, make a wonder wall collage. Make your own poster to frame. Do you have pretty handwriting? Use paint. Watercolors. Buy an eclectic eye-catching frame. It will definitely be a conversation starter!


4. Jot Down Eye-Catching Experiences While Traveling

Things that catch your eye. A memory you want to hold on to. Make a travel memory journal to take with you on all your journeys and you only write in it about things that will be a great memory when you go back later and read them.

When we were driving in Ireland through Killarney State Park, we drove through a tunneled canopy of trees. The misty light shone through the trees.

All of a sudden, the largest red stag regally lifted his head. The sun spotlighted his face as he lifted his head to look our way. We almost wrecked our car. Immediately, the journals come out and our pens start flying. Still one of our best memories in Ireland.


5. Video Collage

With all the tech apps you can download, use a movie maker to store your videos or turn your photos in to a movie.

Edit them.

Set them to music. Upload them on social media. Share them. #stevenspielberg


6. Shutterfly Photo Book

This one is a favorite of ours. We like the templates for photo books.

You can create one yourself, or Shutterfly will make one for you.

Pick themes, sizes of your book, colors, fonts, embellishments. Be creative with up to 100+ pages you can add to your book.

These high quality hardback photo books are a great keepsake.


7. Make A Travel Wooden Memory Box

We saw this Martha Stewart idea.

Wood, nails, and stencil.

If you don’t want to build a box, go to your local craft shop or hunt through an antique shop for a unique box.

Paint it. Stencil it with the country/city where you just traveled to and put all your keepsakes in there.

Makes for a great bookend on your shelves.


8. Create your own paint by number

There are several websites (just google “make your own paint by number”) that are listed.

Read the reviews for which company would work best for you. It is pretty user-friendly.

Most seem to be the same process. Upload your picture. The colors are made for your painting, the picture is stamped on to canvas, and then shipped to you. Check out the different websites. You are now your own artist!


9. Send Postcards To Yourself

Create an album or a photo wall.

How awesome to be at home and get friendly mail (and it’s not a bill or advertisement!).

Buy a huge poster frame and while you collect your postcards, you are not only making memories come to life, but you now have wall art to admire each day.


10. Start A Collection

  • Postcards

  • shot glasses

  • Rocks

  • Spoons

  • Christmas ornaments

  • Pottery

  • tea towels

  • local art

  • Perfume


Begin new travel traditions.

Now, it’s time to get started. What memories will you create today?

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