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25 Must-Haves In Your Travel Bag

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

It's bad manners to keep a vacation waiting.

Don’t be caught with your pants down. If you have traveled before and forgotten to pack something, you NEVER forget to pack it again. Most of the ones on the list below are from lessons we have learned along the way.

*Easy grab-n-go essentials. Keep in your purse, your day pack, or the front of your carry-on.

Clorox wipes. Do you know how dirty a tray table on a plane can be!? #wipeit

Music/earbuds. Picture this: recent flight.. Passenger, obviously fighting a terrible cold, behind us must not understand the concept of Kleenex. The ENTIRE flight he sniffed, snorted, gurgled, hawked… Yeah… put the earbuds in and tune it out. *The earbuds linked here are over the ears to keep from slipping out of the ears.

Eyedrops. In-cabin air is extremely dry. Thera Tears is great if your eyes are dry or if you have to binge watch movies on the plane.

Protein snacks. A great little “pick me up” between meals. NO COW energy bars have a hint of caffeine equivalent to a ½ cup of coffee.

Feminine products: Pads/panty liners/tampons. You definitely don’t want to leave home without these. No one wants an embarrassing scene.

Chapstick / lipstick. Nothing like dry air on the airline to crack those babies. Burt’s Bees locks in the moisture. They keep the moisture locked in. Dew Kiss (from Avon) is great to use before applying a lipsctick *nocaking

Hand lotion. Cracked and dry hands? Try (in travel sizes) Eucerin, Lubriderm, or Aveeno

Money: On our most recent trip, we exchanged currency at our local airport. The exchange rate was SO HIGH and we didn’t get a good deal out of it. The best bet is to go to your bank about 2 weeks before your trip. Order the country’s currency that you will need. Chance are, you will get the best rate.

Hand Sanitizer. Comes in gel and spray. Find these in the travel section at your grocery store. That way they will be TSA-approved sizes.

Tweezers. Pick a travel size with a slanted edge. You never know when that stray piece of hair will pop up out of nowhere.

Phone and charger: I think this one is a definite essential. All your travel apps, maps, and reservations on it.

Sewing kit: If you have stayed at a hotel before, you may have a tiny pocket sized kit. Just enough to sew up a snag or sew on a button.

Ponytail holders. Metal-Free Hair Ties are what we travel with. Hook them on a carabiner and keep them accessible for when your hair gets on your nerves.

Fingernail clippers with a file. Say goodbye to those pesky hang-nails.

Hard sole sock shoes: Fitkicks Extremely comfortable. They are perfect for the plane and to walk around in hostels.

Medications: sinus, anti-diarrhea, cold, pain, etc.. Pick your favorite brand. Buy in bulk. Have them ready. You will use these.

Ear plugs: We found the BetterSleep 34db earplugs on Amazon and chose them by their price and the need to cut out all sound. They are pretty good at cancelling out noise. Easy to put in and to sleep in. Just know that daily use causes ear pain. If you can go without, do that to give your ears a rest.

First aid: band-aids, ointment, etc. Find a kit at your grocery store. You need just enough for an emergency... so think travel-size

Gum: Great for a long flight when you don’t have access to a toothbrush.

Essential oils: Roll ons, i.e. On Guard, Digest-Zen, CBD oil.. These have saved us countless of times on our trips. Stay well! Check with TSA when traveling with CBD oils, there are some that are not permitted on flights.

Plugs: adaptor and converter: The All-in-One travel adapters are great to have as they have a slide/changer for each country’s plug ins. Also, it converts the volts. In America, electricity runs on 110-120 volts, whereas many other countries have ramped that up to between 220-240 volts. The All-in-One takes up less space than the separate plug-ins. Just slide a button for a US, UK, Asian, etc and you are ready to go.

Notebook/Journal: Keep up with your itinerary, reservations or travel ideas. These moleskin notebooks are perfect for your travels.

You can pick from blank page, lined, or even the bullet journals.

Umbrella: Never get caught out in a downpour without your rain protection. These compact travel umbrellas take up very little space and so many colors to choose. What a bargain!

Passport/Driver's License: Take your passport and keep a copy of your photo ID in your bag.

Blanket scarf: You never know when temperatures will shift from hot to cold. On airplanes, it can get a little chilly. Wrap up in this scarf that also doubles as a blanket. #staywarm

Did we miss anything that you can’t live without when you travel? Do you have a story your would like to share about the time you were caught with your pants down?

Comment on your “can’t travel without” items and stories... Enlighten us….

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