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40 Staycation Ideas

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

This blog is written while we are confronted with social distancing, COVID-19, and pretty much forced to stay at home.

How about we make lemonade out of lemons. Let's look at what we can do, not what we feel like we can't.

The one thing at Thistles and Coos that we stress on daily social media sites and in our lives is to live and travel simpler. This is one of those times. When the world seems to be a little confusing at the moment, let's take a moment and breathe.

You may not be able to get away for a vacation, so have the most amazing time "away" on your travels... in the comfort and safe space of your casa!

First and foremost: This is not a time to just focus on chores… really disconnect. Unplug the phone. Feel like you are on a real away-from-home vacation.



  • Save money : think about your last vacation, you may have spent tons .. now you can save

  • Enjoy your home space again

  • Renew and recharge

  • Happiness

  • Hygge (that cozy feeling)

Staycation Ideas!

Create A New Perspective On Your Own Space

  • stand back and look around the room:

  • declutter

  • make a space cozier (Get our your fluffy pillows and soft blankets)

  • Buy some new plants (name them!.. They are family)

  • Rearrange furniture in the room. Get a whole new look.

  • Turn your bed in to a retreat. Buy the expensive sheets (you spend 8 hours a day sleeping on them… don’t hold back.. Go all out!), comforters, pillows, blankets.


Get in the kitchen

  • Pinterest has so many fancy meal recipes: cook with the family.

  • Got an apron? Make a cooking video. Learn to edit it and just have fun with the meme’s and apps.

  • Have a baking day. Make cakes, cookies, and/or pies.


Get Creative

  • Learn a new craft: knitting, crocheting.

  • Make a blanket, think cozy

  • Make a scrapbook bucket list from old magazines. Cut out ideas and glue them into a dreamy scrapbook. Dream away now… make it a reality later!

  • Sew .. YouTube has lots of beginner tutorials

  • Make a photo wall

  • Paint.. Watercolor.. Acrylics

  • Make a new photo album. Organize the photos that have been in a box for years.

  • DIY bullet journal


TV Time

  • Binge on a new TV show series

  • Binge on movies: pick an actor and watch their movies, or pick a genre and veg out

  • Make popcorn!

  • Watch old home movies

  • Camp out in the living room. Set up tents, battery-operated candles, sleeping bags..


Spend Time Outdoors

  • Picnic outside. Make a fantastic meal. Get the best china and cutlery, a blanket, wine!

  • If you have a projector, set up a movie theatre outside. Get your blankets, pillows, beanbags and a white sheet. Set up a movie house in your backyard.

  • Turn on your sprinkler and run through it, or make a slip and slide.

  • Make some tea, get your lawn chair and go sit under your favorite tree or in your coziest place, and take a nap or read. Get your Vitamin D.

  • Plan and start your garden

  • Grill out hamburgers and hotdogs, eat on your deck

  • Sit outside.. Wake up with the sun.. watch the colors of a sunset.. gaze at the stars

  • Take the dogs for a long overdue walk. They will love you even more (if that is possible)

  • Go on a hike



  • Meditate

  • Turn down the lamps, place candles all through the room, pour your favorite drink and just breathe. Talk. Be silent. Find your happy place.

  • Take a long bath.. Set up candles, music, turn the lights low.. Try not to fall asleep

  • Give yourself or a family member an awesome manicure and pedicure


Family Fun

  • Play board games..

  • Card games

  • Do a puzzle

  • Sing karaoke.. Make a contest out of it

  • Got old CD’s, tapes, records? Time to have a dance-off

  • Create a scavenger hunt



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