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Life Lesson #9 Boulder to the Rescue

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Life Lesson: When your son tells you to take his favorite toy, Boulder, on your trip so you won’t get lonely, you take him! Have him photobomb every picture!

Sept 2016:

Many months of preparations had gone in to the day that I would be leaving for Great Britain. In all my research, planning, and excitement, there was still a bit of anxiety on my part.

I would be leaving my son for the first time for longer than overnight sleepovers. As a parent, you know your child will be well taken care of and all will survive. It’s your Mama Bear instincts that need to be reassured. #momlife

Two weeks across the big blue and we will be fine.

The night before I leave, I don’t sleep. My alarm is set for 3:00am because I am trying to beat jet lag (Big fail). I toss and turn worrying about my little guy and how he will adjust to my absence. Truth be told, it is more about how I will survive without him.

Thanks to my overactive “mom-brain,” I should be sleeping but worrying is keeping me wide awake. #bringonthejetlag

Safety first! Ready to fly!

My alarm goes off. The house is dark and quiet, so I stifle a yelp and several curse words as I step on a stupid Lego.

Wiping the sleep and tears from my eyes (That numpty Lego).

Using my phone as a flashlight because I am smart...I am about to make the best cup of coffee ever. Where is my award for being considerate to my sleeping family?

Yeah.. coffee came out like sludge. Need the caffeine. I will drink it anyway.

While I sit, drinking my sludge and watching the sunrise, my son, the early riser, crawls up on my lap. I LOVE these moments. He fills me in on the dream he had about Minecraft. #savorthemoment

It’s a beautiful early morning. Sun is shining. Birds are singing. I haven’t slept. I have to leave for the airport in two hours.

Time to start rushing around like a mad woman! #travelLife I love my family and I need them to not get in my way.

Poor jet lagged Boulder

The past few days, I have packed and repacked my suitcase five million times only to change my mind (last minute) and take my backpack.

In my hustle and bustle leading up to my trip, I have my five year old son hovering over my shoulder as I make last minute lists and copies of documents.

It’s the last minute to-do list that seems to last forever.

I am running from room to room checking and double checking to find that one thing I know I will forget. My son is attached to me like Peter Pan’s shadow.

I’m enjoying his chatter and occasional hug. Found it! The crocheted hat I made during my late night Netflix binge.

My son asks for me to sing him a song. I sing and walk. Not necessarily paying enough attention because I’m in a zone. Europe-bound countdown has begun. #itsgettingreal

Boulder in front of our hostel on the Isle of Skye

As I am repacking my bag (luckily these packing cubes made organization much easier), practicing carrying it, pacing the room, I see out of the corner of my eye, my son playing with his Transformers.

Sound effects come from his mouth as drops of spittle landed on his hands. Optimus Prime will rule his world.

Pausing for a moment, I realize I will miss him while I am on holiday.

He looks up at me and smiles. He asks, “Will you be ok without a toy? Will you sleep ok? Will you miss me?

Thanks for pulling at the heartstrings kid.

I told him that I didn’t have a toy to bring but that I would be ok. He was adamant that I needed to have something from home with me.

I look at my bag. It has zero room for anything to be added. Well just great! I can’t squeeze another thing in the backpack.

Boulder loving the Queen's View, Scotland

Off to make one more last minute phone call, my backpack’s lack of space is a distant memory. Will the lists ever end!?

I have a rare moment and pause to breathe. Those of you who know me, my brain doesn’t stop, it on full-speed 24/7. Review the list in my head. I’m done. I am ready to go. Finally.

I come around the corner in my bedroom and I see my backpack on the floor with a Transformer, Boulder, sticking out of the top. I look around, and there is my son, smiling up at me.

Take Boulder with you. He’ll keep you company and you won’t be lonely.”

I had been tossing and turning all night wondering if he will be ok without me. He knew exactly what I needed. I unpack my bag, rearrange and toss out those shoes that I won’t now need.

Boulder is going on a journey.

Packed and ready to go!

During that trip in 2016, I made sure that when we video chatted or I posted a picture on social media, my son saw that Boulder was having the time of his life. Boulder is our mascot and is quite creative with his photobombing skills.

My son is a few years older and he doesn’t play with Boulder anymore. I keep him in my office on the top shelf with my other precious souvenirs. There are many times throughout the day where I look at Boulder and smile.

Boulder still comes with me on trips and has been in over 5 countries. He is on the top of my packing list ready to photobomb our adventures.

Who knew that one small gesture of kindness would create such an impact?

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." ~Aesop

We are coming up on another trip in a few weeks. Guess what will be going in my bag first?? You guessed it: Boulder.

When your child tells you to take “Boulder” to remember them, you take it! We had fun with it and made a game out of it. My son loves that we still take Boulder.

Someone is stealing the shot!

And yes, Boulder still photobombs!


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