Don't Be A Bad Dog Mom #shytetourist

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

“My dog is half pit-bull, half poodle. Not much of a watchdog, but a vicious gossip.” ~ Craig Shoemaker


A month ago, at the airport, our flight was delayed because of some minor mechanical error on one of the seats. Our entire flight huddles, too closely, to the gate impatiently waiting to leave.

All of a sudden a lady with her large poodle-mix dog exits the gate and we all notice her because several dogs in our huddle start to go nuts! All heads turned her way and we gawked at this poor shaking dog as she tried pulling Fido in her direction. Nope, the dog put on the brakes and just shook.

In horror, we couldn’t look away when the dog squats and poops stinky liquid poo all in a huge pile. It’s like a facial expression domino effect, one by one, we all crinkle up our faces in disgust.

The put-off poodle owner looked bored. She rolled her eyes. Told him to hurry. We all hold our breaths, not because of the nauseous smell, but wondering if she’s going to clean it up.

The dog finally empties out a week’s worth of bowels, the dog owner looks up at our group, smiles, shrugs her shoulders, turns and walks off.

You could audibly hear the gasp and passive aggressive mumbles of our tight knit huddle family. We couldn’t believe that this lady had the audacity to leave this grotesque pile in the middle of the floor.

Now, the best part, the gate has released the hounds, aka, the rest of the passengers. They are rushing off the plane, eyes gazing upwards looking for their signs.

No one notices the horror that they are about to step in and wheel their luggage through until it’s too late. One by one, you see people step through it.

You can hear the “WTF’s”,”WHAT??”, “WHAT IS THAT?”, OH SHYTE”! etc.

Our group is trying to warn people to dodge the mess but, they keep walking. Stepping in it. Squishing it. Dragging in on the carpet.

We think 20 people make this horrible mistake all because of a careless pet owner/traveler. After about five minutes, Mr. Clean of the airport comes to the rescue and cleans up the leftovers.


Don’t be this Shyte Tourist! If you assume the responsibility of taking your pet with you, clean up after them. Carry the little baggies. If you don’t have them, stand there with the poo, ask for maintenance and wait.

Carry necessary poopie bags. There are 900 in here. Use them!

Don’t be that careless and inconsiderate: shrugs shoulders and walks off. Her actions affected about 50 people. Those that had to witness it and those that made the mistake of dragging the dog’s entrails with them on the bottoms of their shoes, through the airport.


Stop with this kind of behavior! We applaud those that do their due diligence and be responsible. We have to laser-eye-slap those that are just clueless.

If you are traveling with your pet, here are some pointers:

  • Pack the necessary gear

  • Food bowls

  • Poopie bags

  • Leash

  • Medication

  • Snacks

  • Up-to-date vaccines / dog tags

Check with the airline:

  • Costs and fees to fly your pet

  • Are they to be crated

  • Will your pet be allowed on the flight. You don’t want to get there and they be denied.

  • Some airlines restrict certain breeds i.e. bulldogs, Boston terriers, boxers, chows, and pugs, as they are brachycephalic (short-headed, or snub nosed) and thus more susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity

  • Does the airline require your dog wear a muzzle or vest

The Do’s and Don'ts before you travel:


  • Carry necessary paperwork. Check with your destination about restrictions.

  • Use a comfortable harness. Angus, Natalie’s small dog, chokes himself in a collar so the harness keeps him more comfortable.

  • Take your pet for a long walk before the trip. Helps them calm down and relax.


  • Sedate your dogs before travel. Get them used to their crate with the door open. Let them eat in there. Once they feel comfortable in the crate, they should be able to travel and not be so uptight.

  • Let them run loose in the airport, train station, on the airplane, etc

  • Assume your pet will travel with you in the airplane cabin.

  • Be a SHYTE tourist! :) Had to throw that in there one more time!

Do you have any stories to tell? Did you confront a shyte pet-owner tourist? What helps you when you travel with your pet?

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