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Everyone Can Travel

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets. ~Oscar Wilde

Flying over the Austrian Alps

How many times have you told yourself one of the following:

1. Traveling is too expensive.

We know that life can get in the way. Schedules, budgets, busy-ness, family life. When bills are piled up, the last thing on your mind may not be a vacation.

You may be thinking: I have to put food on the table so it’s hard to imagine myself trekking the earth and living it up. We know how you feel. We have all been in that mindset.

How do you break free from that pattern? If you have been told that travel is expensive, then it can be terrifying to take that leap.

Eugene Fodor says it best: “You don’t have to be rich to travel well.”

Luckily you have found our website and blog. We have been where you are. Our former selves said that travel is so far off in the distance. We’ll do that when we have more money in the bank.

By trial and error, we have found ways to make travel do-able and budget friendly.

Need to stay organized while traveling? Use this notebook to organize your budget, save, flight plans, reservations. It's all about peace of mind.

With the many websites out there, you will find that travel is quite affordable. It’s not so far off in the distance. There are ways to creatively save money to go on that dream vacation.

2. I don’t have time to take a trip.

In our philosophy in life, you make time for what you deem important. You find the time. You make the time.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” – Michael Althsuler

Time can be a tricky thing. If you want something enough, it’s funny how the time works in your favor. Have a dream… have a goal: make it work for you!

3. I have no idea of where I want to go.

Sit down with a piece of paper, a pen (and a glass of wine) and ask yourself: In my busy life, where is one place that I would travel to if I had all the time in the world?

What image in your mind comes up when you think of travel? Is it in the country? Is it domestic or international? Is it the beach? Do you sit and daydream of where you would want to go?

Check out our blog on the seasons of travel.

We start broad and narrow it down to make it more user friendly. You know you want to travel to Europe. When do you want to travel? What are the countries that peak your interest the most?

Take that piece of paper and start jotting down. Set a timer and write the places that you have always wanted to visit. Don’t stop writing until the timer goes off. How many places are listed? This is a great place to start. Keep narrowing it down. Keep it up… you are getting there!

4. Where to start?

You know you want to travel, now what? How do you know which websites to use? What accommodations are out there?

For example: when we knew we wanted to go to Scotland. We literally pulled up a map of Scotland. We listed the places we knew we had to visit.

Then with each city and town, we jotted down what locals love about their city. What are the highlights of that city?

So as we wrote more places of interest, we branched out and were able to visit some hidden gems in the area.

When you least expect it, places will jump out at you that you may not have considered in the first place. Research can be a lovely thing!

5. How to budget?

Saving money can seem like a daunting task.

Click here to see creative ways to save money for your travels.

There are creative ways to save on your flights, train travel, rental cars, and even lodging. How do you know where to start when it comes to budgeting for your trip? Know what your parameters are when it comes to your travels. What are you willing to spend? Work towards that goal.

Make a list of the max you are willing to spend on your trip. In that list, how much do you want to spend on flights? Lodging? Touring? Food? Etc. Write it all out. Sometimes it is best to visually see where the money is going.

For example: while planning a trip to Scotland, we both lay out how much we are (each) willing to spend on lodging per night. We agree on a set price. We don’t deviate from that. Even as tempting as it is for a more pricey lodging, we stick to our guns. Sometimes you have to be strict, even with yourself!

Looking for a great backpack that is durable, water resistant, and in your budget? Look no further!

Queen's View, Scotland



With our combined 32 years of marriage, over 40+ years of age, 2 teenagers, and 1 young man, we have been through this very conversation with ourselves too many times to count.

For many of us, family reunions or visiting the out-of-state grandparents dictated where you went for your vacation. You load the kids, dogs, a cooler and the kitchen sink into the back of the minivan… off you went.

As kids we didn’t have much input in the planning of the trip. Mom said, we are going to the beach and you went to the beach.

Fast forward and now WE are the moms planning the trips. How on earth do you please everyone?

Check out our blog: traveling with teenagers

Grandma wants you to visit.

One child wants to go to an adventure park and the other child hates roller coasters.

Read here how to travel with children and still have a good time.

Husband hates crowds.

How do you travel with your spouse when you can't uninvite them?

Calgon take me away… for those of you too young to know this reference, we tip our wine glass to you because now we feel really old.

We have created this blog to assist you and ease your travel frustrations. We are here to answer any of your questions with humor and real life advice.

Please leave us a comment or a question so we can get to know you and help you prepare to plan

for your next adventure!

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