You Can't Uninvite Your Husband; We've Tried

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

“What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with.” — Robert Brault

We have covered Where you want to go, now let’s talk WHO is traveling with you.

We want to focus on our dearly loved Significant Other. We hear you: Why are you writing about traveling with your SO?

If you are like us, we haven’t traveled with our spouses since the honeymoon and that has been many years ago.

We are no longer the rose-colored glass wearing love birds. We are older, seasoned, tired, lost brain cells (thanks to our children) and “busy.”

Your SO is your best friend; your lobster; that person you should be having the most fun with. Right?


One thing is certain, if you hate the way he eats at home and you have to turn on the music so you don’t have to hear the open-mouth chewing, it will get on your nerves quicker after a 10 hour flight and little sleep.

If all else fails, try these ear plugs!

There is no escaping each other, so learn to LAUGH. Practice your fake laugh and use it excessively. We promise your fake laugh will lead to an authentic laugh. (Stop fantasizing about that throat punch because you can’t get away from each other.)

So we are all on the same page - PACK YOUR PATIENCE - has to be the dumbest advice we have ever heard.

Own YOUR crazy and be ready to tell yourself to “calm" down. You’re on vacation.”

We can’t stop the stress or the potential argument.

What we can do is offer some funny stories and applicable advice. How you deal with it is all on you.

So.. just breathe and relax with a cuppa. It’s all uphill from here (maybe).

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a personal agenda when we travel. How loud we voice them determines if we get our way. We want everyone to enjoy the vacation, so be open and honest with your intentions.

COMMUNICATION: We can’t stress this enough. Talk about your plans and what you want or don’t want to do. Be flexible and willing to compromise. Talk BEFORE the trip. Feelings are hurt when expectations are not clearly defined. If you are planning on having wild crazy sex every night, TELL HIM OR HER.


Don’t waste the manicure, Brazilian wax or manscaping on nights spent upset because you didn’t communicate your expectations.

If you plan ahead and have an open dialog, you can breathe easily in your destination. So, sit back with your Love, take it all in while you sip your drinky-drink and play footsie under the table. Better yet, you sneak off to the bathroom and take off your panties… come back and hand them to your partner. It will make for an interesting evening; cue Marvin Gaye. We promise it won’t matter if they are granny-panties, a thong or yesterday's boxers.


Want to avoid an all-out-drag-out-fight?

Don’t rush..Rushing leads to stress which leads to yelling, slamming doors, and the silent treatment.

Wow.. best vacation ever! Have you ever just sat and watched tourists on their vacations running around hating every minute. It’s hilarious. Yelling. Scoffing. Cold-shoulder. Stomping off. I guess they needed some of our advice.

Take a game with you. These are easy to pack and fun too!

EXPECT YOUR PLANS TO GET JACKED-UP: Planning ahead will keep you from snapping and understand with all the preparations, snafus happen. Period. Train leaves without you. Flights are delayed. Driving in the UK takes forever on the roads.

Why bicker? It isn’t anyone’s fault. If your train leaves with you behind, so what! Before you open your mouth to start a fight, STOP. BREATHE. If you have to walk away for a minute to silently scream, do that. Another train will be coming.

HAVE FUN:. Nothing kills the mood faster than talking about bills and household grocery lists while on a vacation. Leave that conversation at home.

Nobody wants to talk about the water or cell phone bill while hiking the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye.

Instead, hold hands while you are out walking. Talk about way-back-when stories of when you first met or how your uncle got drunk at your wedding.

Sit in the pub, have a Guinness, and just laugh with each other. Reconnect. Remember those wedding vows or promises that you made to each other?? Reminisce. Being present is incredibly important when you look back on your vacation. Good memories... which will help you plan that next vacation faster with your best friend.

Tell us one of your funny traveling partner experiences. What would have done differently? Did plans get off course? What happened? Please… *sips wine* share!

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