Inspiration in Photos: The Isle of Skye

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Listen to the silence. Be still and let your soul catch up. ~Scottish Proverb

Isle of Skye,  The Misty Isle. This is where your imagination comes to life.

Fairies. Beauty. Magic.

The essence and beauty of Skye is almost impossible to describe and needs to be experienced.

Every time we talk about our trips to the Isle of Skye, there is an instant warmth and smile as the memories begin to flood our minds.

What do you talk about first? The waterfalls, the crashing waves, the beauty or the magical feeling?

Pictures are our best way to capture and show a fraction of this beautiful island on the western coast of Scotland.

Now come with us on our journey and imagine yourself on this green isle. See the mountains and the crags.  Hear the crash of the waves. Feel the magic at the fairy pools.

Be warned. The wind may take you by surprise and disrupt your desire to take a "selfie." The weather will keep you on your toes as it will change on a dime.

Be prepared for rain, sun, or sleet. Much like the people of Scotland, Isle of Skye can be a bit tongue and cheek. Are you prepared for her many moods?

Join us as we take you to some of our favorite places and we hope you feel our love of this beautiful place.

The eastern side of the Isle. Easy to navigate by car. Be aware that the Isle has recently been flooded with tourism so keep an eye out for tour buses as you cuss your way on the single track roads. #freedominacar

Hike the Quiraing. See and Feel the chill of the Misty Isle.

Still mostly untouched from the footprint of tourism, you will enjoy the remotes as you wander through the marshes and hills. See the cliffs and feel how this isle is set apart from the rest of world. #heaven

One minute you are surrounded by hills and mountains, turn a corner and she opens up to calm waters.

From the calm waters to the crashing waves; Scotland shows her strength.

When the sky opens up to reveal the sun, briefly, the colors are amazing. The blues, the greens. Scotland shows off her softer side.

Portree, the main port on the Isle of Skye, still feels like a small town tucked away in a hamlet. The Neapolitan colored buildings are perfect showcase for the locals way of life.

Our funny favorites of the Isle of Skye... She has our heart. 

The Isle of Skye: a must when traveling to Scotland. We hope you will love this beautiful island and plan a visit soon.  

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