LONDON'S St. Dunstan Ruins: A Photo Diary

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

I cannot look at modern buildings without thinking of historical ones. ~Kevin McCloud

According to the city of London: "A church was first built on the site of this garden in Saxon times. It was restored by St. Dunstan in 950 A.D. and then rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren after the great fire in 1697. Only the tower of the Wren church survives. The garden was laid out following severe damage to the church in the blitz, and opened to the public as an open space in 1967."

Though the church was immensely damaged during the blitz, the ruins are now the peaceful public garden just steps away from busy London. When you step through the openings, up the steps, and on the cobblestone, look around at this massive structure that has seen thousands of sunrises and sunsets, and even survived during the Great Fire of London in 1666.

The blitz, the fire, wars, buildings built up and torn down around these ruins. There is a resilience that London's St. Dunstan knows. Its secrets are hidden with these walls.

(slideshow of St. Dunstan. Click on the arrows to the right)

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