Most Haunted Series: Pubs and Inns in Scotland 

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

“Back off man, I'm a scientist.” ~Peter Venkman GHOSTBUSTERS

Trust the hairs on the back of your neck… it is the paranormal that causes them.

As we continue our series on the most haunted, we now travel to Scotland and visit some of its most active Pubs and Inns. We have had a dram or two in several of these pubs and unfortunately we did not meet any of our infamous ghosts.

** While working on our haunted series, weird glitches on our computers are making these postings a challenge. The posts move from published posts... back to drafts... or a duplicate posting pops up all on their own. We added the 10 pictures of the pubs for this post. One day they are there, the next moment only one picture is on the list. We check other devices and the pictures are all there. Whew! Don't have to start over. Wrong! We start working on the draft, and the saga starts all over again: the pictures are gone. Then, the website keeps popping up an error window to tell us to try again. In the 70+ postings we have done, none have showed this bizarre "attitude" towards us. Freaky. So instead of using the original pub and inn photos, for the pictures, we thought we would stick with a spooky theme. So far, the pictures have stayed in one place. We'll see what happens. #damnghosts


The Drovers Inn, Argylll

Opened in 1705, this inn has seen its fair share of travelers for over 300 years. Nestled on the northern side of Loch Lomond, this hotel/pub offers more than just a pint to those that pop in,, they even share the ghosts that pass through the halls.

Why does it seem that ghosts find their way to this dimension after a traumatic life and death story? Ready to Meet the Ghosts that have haunted this establishment since it opened its doors? This shyte is spooky!


The Cheeky Young Girl

A rumor of a little girl haunts the hallway and plays pranks on the staff working the reception. Loud noises, wood slamming down on a locked door. When you turn to look, no one is there.

The Murdered Drover

Rumor has it (doesn’t every good story start with that) a young drover came back to the inn seeking revenge on a rival clan who he thought stole his cattle. Before he could get his revenge, he was murdered. Does he roam these rough hewn dark paneled halls?

The Lost Family

In the winter of 1792, a crofting family was thrown out of their home and off their land. With no place to go and completely broke, they headed south hoping for a better life for their young son. One night, they got caught in a horrible winter storm and somehow got turned around and started heading in the wrong direction. Lost, cold, and hungry, they ended up freezing to death when they thought they were searching for the Drovers Inn.

People have seen this family wandering the land during the winter. Some say they have seen the family at the Drovers Inn. One couple got the scare of their life. They woke up to see the family standing at the foot of their bed shivering, their breath visible in the frigid room. The boy waved to the couple with a smile on his face. Sounds like my nightmares!

Room 6 The Disco Orbs

Flickering lights floating across the room. One guest reported seeing about 10 - 20 dancing intense white lights. They would appear and flicker, then disappear.

The Photobomber

A guest asked reception who the little girl in a pink dress standing on the stairs was because she photobombed this lady’s photo. The lady’s daughter, who took the picture, swears that there was no girl on the stairs when she took the picture. According to the staff, there were no children staying at the hotel that night.


This plays out like a Clint Eastwood western. Good ole Angus stays at the end only to wake up and all his cattle had been stolen by a rival gang. His luck isn’t on his side that day because he has to return back to the chieftain penniless and empty-handed. The chieftain .. was.. PISSED!


Taking matters in to his own hands, the chieftain slaughters and mutilates Angus’s family as well as his young lover. Angus is dishonorably banished from the clan. For the next few months Angus plotted his revenge on the thieves but it backfired horribly.

One night back at the Dovers, he stays “hidden” spying on the on the thieving clan. But what he doesn’t realize is one of the clansmen spotted him, ratted him out. During the night, the clan murder Angus by hanging him from an old tree out back and bleeding him like an animal. Poor Angus has been seen over the years, wandering the Dovers screaming in pain still seeking his revenge.

Selfie Phenomena

This one is quite bizarre. Imagine waking up the next day, look at your phone or camera, and see that “someone” was taking pictures of you while you slept. Freaky!


White Hart Inn, Edinburgh

This area in Grassmarket was dangerous slums overcrowded with criminals, prostitutes, and a place of the city’s gallows.

Amongst the criminals, the notorious William Burke and accomplice William Hare, aka, the body snatchers!! Smackdab in the center is The White Hart Inn, one of Edinburgh’s oldest pubs dating back as far back as 1516, which has been a famous Grassmarket drinking den since the 18th century, a great place to watch the hangings, was where the two would fill their victims with grog before killing them and making a few pounds.

We’ve had a fair share of pints here in the White Hart and haven't seen or experienced anything. I guess we weren’t close enough to the cellar area where lots of activity takes place. Maybe you will be luckier!


The Barber

This ghost likes to pull your hair. Maybe they are giving the suggestion that you need a cut! The hair pulling spectre normally sends people running out the door. Do you blame them?

The “Anger Management” Poltergeist

You may want to be on the lookout as this one is known to throw chutney bottles.

The Mysterious Shadow

One experience that’s often reported is the sighting of a dark shadowy figure at the doorway heading down to the cellar. Upon investigation the cellar is always empty. There has also been the sighting of a detached pair of legs followed by a full figure in the cellar near the fridges.

The Mischievous Spirit

Imagine being in the cellar alone, checking on food supplies only to be startled by the door slamming shut on you. “RUN”! Barrels in the cellar also get moved around from one place to another.

The ghost also is believed to mess with the bar taps. They often don’t work! When the staff check the gas cylinders, they are detached. The staff reattaches the cylinders. Once the staff goes back up to the bar, the taps aren’t working again. When they check the cylinders again, they are… you guessed it: detached! Wash, rinse, repeat!


The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh

Reputed to be Scotland’s most haunted pub / night club. The pub is connected to the underground vaults that used to house the poor, diseased, the criminals and destitute. Ghosts in the vaults? We think so!


The Banshee

On one occasion the workers who were renovating the pub heard a blood curdling scream coming from one of the vaults, moments later one of the workmen received a phone call informing him that one of his family members had just passed away.

The Distraught Ghost

A group of workman renovating the pub heard sobbing. It was a woman with her head in her hands crying. When the men approached her, she lifted her head and “looked” at the men. The men described her as having eyeless sockets.

The Strong-arm Poltergeist

What’s up with these ghosts who like to hurl pints of ale? Don’t leave your pint unattended because in one second, it will be gone! Mind your head because you may witness a pint being thrown and shattering on a nearby wall.


The Scotia Bar, Glasgow

One of Glasgow’s oldest surviving pubs established around 1792. It’s seen many weary characters that have passed through their doors for over 200 years.


Annie, the Prostitute

An investigative group made contact with the long dead prostitute. When prompted, she moved a glass and made a phone ring.

The Playful Child

The manager has stated that they have seen several sightings of a young child playing in the doorway.

The Snug Sitter

A lady wearing a white wimple prefers sitting in the snug.

The Extrovert

A woman in a green velvet dress isn’t shy at all. She likes to show off her fashionable outfit to those in the pub


The Coylet Inn, Dunoon

It’s hard to imagine tragedy striking among the rustic charm and serene Loch Eck. A movie in the mid 90’s was made about this tragic event.


The Boy

The main haunt of the Coylet Inn. Story is of a young boy sleepwalked, fell into the loch and drowned. There have been reports over the years of a young boy running throughout the inn. Guests have reported similar stories of being watched in room number four.


Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh

This bar built in to the converted chamber vaults below the haunted South Bridge has been plagued with two known ghosts throughout the years.


The Imp

Looking like a 17th Century man with long hair, he is more active and tends to help out, except when he’s feeling mischievous and locks staff in the cellar!. He chops the fruit when the staff turn their backs for a moment and he also likes to change the clock.

The Watcher

When the Watcher first made his appearance in 1994, the manager walked in to Whistlebinkies and there was a man with his back to the door wearing what appeared to be a 17th Century long coat. The manager followed the Watcher into the cellar, but came up empty handed: the Watcher vanished. Staff, over the years, run out of the cellar “white as a ghost” after they hear shuffling and activity when the staff were there “alone.”


The Saracen Head, Glasgow

The Saracen Head, a popular haunt of many in Glasgow’s East End, is famed for its history. Built in 1775 (now across the street from its original location), the pub has a few claims to fame like a poem written by Robert Burns and the skull of Maggie Wall, the last “witch” burned at the stake in 1657.


Angus Ross

The former owner has been seen hanging around the pub… even though he is long since dead.

The skull

Spooky more than anything, the skull sits near the bar in a cabinet just watching everyone raise their pint in a toast!

The Silent Glider

As you stand there minding your own business over a pint, you may feel as if someone is trying to glide past you. The temperature may change or you feel a presence trying to get by. Our best advice, they have somewhere to be, just step out of their way!

The Electrician

Lights that never work, suddenly flicker to life! Leave with all the lights in the “puggy” are off… come back the next day and all are a-blazin! *Freaky*


The Last Drop, Edinburgh

The Last Drop has a double entendre: The last drop that you will ever drink before you go out to the gallows, have a rope tied around your neck and it’s the last drop to your death. Either way, what a play on words. Too spooky!


Medieval Girl

A young medieval girl haunts the bar and cellar. Listen closely and you may just hear her childlike voice calling out. She’s been known to whisper the employee’s name when no one else is in the pub. Keep your eyes on your pint, it just may move to the other side of the table by unseen hands.


Tollbooth Tavern, Edinburgh

The Tollbooth Tavern was part of the original Canongate Tollbooth built in 1591. It was used as a ticket booth for coming and going from Edinburgh. It also served as a courthouse and prison.


The Drunkard

This spectre keeps his antics up in the back of the pub knocking over glasses and bottles. Jealous much? He also knocks pictures off the walls.

Military Men

A customer saw two men in period military uniform standing at attention.

The Clocktower Ghost

This ghost can be heard heavy footed climbing the stairs to the clock tower.

Giddy Children

Ring around the rosey?! These children like to take their playful antics and run through the pub. You can hear their voices and running footsteps.


The Starbar, Edinburgh

Ok, so this one isn’t exactly a haunting but it’s enough to make sure you don’t steal from the Starbar.

There is a human skull on the premises and the owners have a clause in their lease that forbids them or anyone to remove the skull.

Why do dramatic?

  • Rumor has it a previous manager took the skull to another local bar and was shot there during a raid.

  • Another time a group of workers (fitters) removed the skull and their workshop burned down.

  • Another time, the brewery where the skull was placed flooded.

Coincidence? We just say: don’t touch the skull! Leave it be!


Have you experienced any hauntings while in Scotland? Scare us!

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