Sorel Snow Boots (A Review): The Rolls Royce of Snow Boots

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

“My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.” ~Henry Rollins

Natalie here: Earlier this year, I was down to the wire and scrambling. We scheduled a trip to Switzerland, Austria, and England for January and I needed winter boots to withstand all the snow and cold. Pressure was on: We leave in less than a week. I didn’t want to buy just ANY boot. I wanted the perfect boot.

For a month I researched, I went to local stores, and I couldn’t find what I was looking for and was beginning to freak out a bit.

Here I was, exhausted from searching and in a week we would be on a plane. I had no boots. I am not about to cancel my trip. All else fails… Wonder Bread bread bags to the rescue. I can tie them on my shoes. #ihavenoshame

Ready to throw in the towel. Done.

I’m at work trying not to have a breakdown and Connie peaks around the corner. I can’t research any more.

She taps the wall. “Buy Sorel boots. You won’t regret it.”

Then, just like that, she’s gone.

*Blink blink* Sorel? I had never heard of them.

Her words were an epiphany! Connie knows her shoes! I have maybe 5 pairs of shoes (two that I wear regularly) and her closet is overflowing.

I trust her in the shoe department so, what do I have to lose. Either way, I need a boot and time is running out. If these shoes don’t work, I can buy some when I land in Swit other than picking the wrong shoes and I’m left feeling miserable on my trip.

Without reading the reviews of the boots, I buy sight unseen.

Luckily with Amazon Prime, I knew the boots would arrive in two days. That would give me a few days to break them in.

I hit the jackpot!

They are a great fit, warm and cozy.

Highly recommend!

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Wanting to keep to my “just a backpack” travel rule, I took a leap of faith and took one pair of shoes. The gods were on my side as these Sorel boots were perfect for the 10 day journey.

They proved to be a good investment as I trekked and ran through airports, trying to catch the train… through snow and slush… over the hills and through the woods. My Sorel’s did not let me down.

What we absolutely love about Sorel Winter Boots:

Sorel fits like a glove. It’s like they magically mold to your foot. Because these are winter snow boots (and fur-lined), go a half size larger, especially if you will be wearing thick socks.

Thick insulated inner lining to keep the feet warm. The lining is thick and durable. The top outer edge of the boot has faux fur which is a nice touch as it didn’t rub against my legs and cause blisters or irritate the skin.

These wool blend socks are perfect to keep feet warm and dry. Not too thick either!

Water-resistant. With all the trudging we did in knee-high snow, my feet stayed warm and dry. They advertise as waterproof but I am not 100% sure about that because I didn’t walk through standing water. Also, the wide tongue kept out the snow and water. They literally hugged my leg.

Thick tread rubber sole. Sorel advertises this boot for light and heavy snow. They hold up in the snow but be careful on slick wet areas. This was one (small) con about the boot. I did slide some so be aware that you could go ice skating even when you least expect it.

The excellent thick well-made material. These boots are made to last and easy to clean. Through the snow, and the salt on the streets, these boots stayed clean and water just wicked off of them. The water-resistant material described as: “durable water and wind resistant PU coated synthetic textile upper...molded waterproof thermal rubber shell with multi-directional lug outsole for enhanced traction.”

My ankles felt secure. I didn’t worry about rolling my ankles on uneven cobblestone streets. Laced correctly, and your ankle is completely stable in these amazing (cute) boots. The one thing I didn’t like about the laces is that when tied, they come undone easily. The trick: double knot them and they will stay tied all day.

Dimensions of the Cumberland Sorel Boot:

  • Rubber sole

  • Shaft measures approximately 9" from arch

  • Heel measures approximately 1.5"

  • Platform measures approximately 1"

  • Boot opening measures approximately 10.5" around

  • Boot Shaft Height: 8 in.

  • 200g insulation

  • SOREL rated: -25° Fahrenheit / -32° Celsius.

Going on a trip in the winter where it's cold and there's a chance of snow? These are the Rolls Royce of winter boots. Like Connie said, "You won't regret it".

*pictures above from the winter trip in Switzerland, Austria, and England*

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