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2020 Challenge: 98 miles

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

March 2019... Scenic drive from Fort William, Scotland to the Edinburgh Airport

While oohhhing and aaahhhing over the beautiful landscape, hikers caught our attention as they were on this trail through the Highlands. We immediately had to google it and found the West Highland Way After a little bit of research, we found it is a 98 mile trail starting in Milngavie to Fort William.

Gauntlet Dropped - Challenged Accepted. 98 miles isn’t that hard - right?

Over the next 15 months, Natalie and I will be documenting our training, supply purchasing, trail food testing and overall preparedness for two city girls to go wild camping for 7 days. We have enlisted 3 other hikers: Greg, Michael and Mark. This will be an interesting dynamic… remember we can’t univite our husbands.

PS. Did you see the Highland Coo?

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